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NextIRC Links Committee

Welcome to NextIRC's Links Committee. Here you can find information about how you can link a server to our network or just find out information about servers already linked.

You can link your server by following these guidelines:

  • Please NOTE: For the moment we are only accepting new links for servers located in European or Pacific data centers.
  • Applications to link a server to NextIRC can be rejected at any time, for ANY (or NO) reason.
  • Linking a server to NextIRC does not mean you will receive global access to our services.
  • IRC Operators should expect to spend several hours per week monitoring the server and network, and chatting, bringing users and basically being a part of NextIRC.
  • You must have a good reason why you want to link, just saying "I want to link because I want to become an IRC Operator" is not enough.
  1. Read the Rules and the Server Requirements.
  2. YOU must have a stable IRC Server.
  3. One IRCD process per server.
  4. This means: YOU are not ALLOWED to run other IRCDs / Services on the same box as any NextIRC server.The IP and all IRCD ports MUST be pointed to NextIRC.
  5. Give as much information as you can, regarding your server.
  6. Wait for the Links Committee to check the submitted information.
  7. If everything appears to be in order, the NextIRC Links Committee will vote on your application. Only Links Commitee members will vote on new server applications. Results are final..
  8. The server and IRCD configuration will be verified before the server is linked.
  9. If the result of the vote is YES, the application will advanced to TESTLINK.
  10. Someone from the NextIRC Links Commitee will be in touch with you to finalize the process and arrange your TESTLINK.